Info & Rules

Important Phone Numbers
Police and Fire Towing
Emergency Police, Fire, Rescue, or Ambulance – 911
Police (non-Emergency) – 703-691-2131
Crime Solvers – 703-691-8888
Fairfax Fire and Rescue – 703-971-5858
Inova Healthplex Emergency – 703-797-6800
Fairfax Emergency Management - 571-350-1000
Dominion Towing – 703-730-1177
Landfill Services
Trash Away 703-339-4560
Lorton Landfill – 709-690-1703
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal – 703-324-5068
Poison & Animal Control
Dominion Power (power services) – 866-366-4357
Fairfax Water – 703-698-5800
Cox Communications – 703-378-8400
Verizon – 703-954-6222
Dish Network – 888-284-7116
DirecTV – 800-494-4388
Poison Information – 800-222-1222
Animal Control – 703-830-1100
Rules & Regulations

Trash Guidelines

  • Trash will be collected by the contracted company every Tuesday and Friday. Holidays or inclement weather may affect these hours. Please see the website for the garbage and recycling company.
  • Trash containers may be placed at curbside no earlier than 6:00 PM on the evening before, and no later than 7:30 AM on the day of collection. NOTE: Plastic bags may not be placed at curbside earlier than the morning of collection.
  • Refuse shall be collected at curbside. All trash will be placed in covered garbage cans with handles weighing less than 30 pounds, or in tied, dark-colored plastic bags. White plastic is not acceptable (white plastic tends to attract the attention of birds and other scavengers which can result in trash being strewn throughout the community).
  • Brush and limbs will be collected at curbside when securely bundled, bagged or canned. Bundled brush and limbs shall not exceed four feet in length and 18 inches in diameter
  • The contracted has provided each residence with a plastic receptacle in which recyclable materials are to be collected. Materials for recycling are mandated by Fairfax County and may change from time to time according to the county’s recycling policies. Residents are advised to check with Fairfax Country or property management if they have questions on what is to be recycled.
  • Metal may be intermixed in the recycling receptacle and placed at curbside after 6:00 PM on the evening before, or before 7:30 AM on the day of collection.
  • Glass is no longer accepted at curbside pickup in Fairfax county. Please take all glass recycling to a Purple recycling center. A location nearest you can be found at
  • Covered, plastic trash cans with handles are the most widely used, acceptable trash container. Trash containers may be of any size, but should not weigh in excess of 30 pounds when full
  • All trash containers and recycling receptacles must be picked up by residents for storage within their fenced-in back yards on the same day as collection. The storage of trash containers and/or recycling receptacles in front or side yards or outside year fences on Commons property is strictly prohibited.
  • In general, heavy-weight, dark-colored plastic trash bags are acceptable but may be placed at curbside only on the mooring of the day of collection. White plastic bags are not acceptable as they attract birds and other scavengers that could scatter the refuse about the community.
  • Appliances, furniture, paint or solvent containers, etc., will be picked up free of charge when prearranged to the specifics and scheduling of the contractor. Please indicate to the contractor if paint and solvent containers are a part of your trash, as these are classified as hazardous waste and require special handling. Most paints or solvents are required to be mixed with kitty litter in order to qualify for pickup. Check with the contractor for detailed information.
  • Fences and remodeling debris are excluded from the free service. Costs of pick up for these items will be negotiated separately by the individual homeowner/tenant and contractor
  • A notice will be circulated within the community providing the date that Christmas trees will be picked up. Fairfax County controls the collection process, thus, our trash contractor must abide by the County’s schedule.
  • A warning notice will be issued to first time offenders for the following violations:
  • Trash containers and/or recycling receptacles located in front or side yards or outside rear fence on Common grounds
  • Trash/recyclables not in proper container
  • Trash/recyclables put out more than 12 hours earlier than regularly scheduled-pickups
  • Trash/refuse or grass/shrubbery cuttings dumped on common grounds.
  • This notice will be kept on file by property management. All subsequent violations will be subject to an assessment of $50 per occurrence and added to the regular quarterly assessment of the non-complying Association member.
  • Any method practical and/or feasible to identify offending resident will be utilized to enforce the trash guidelines
  • Special pickups on non-scheduled trash/recycle days cost the association $50 for each occurrence. These costs will be passed through and added to the quarterly assessment of the violating homeowner/member, together with a copy of the contract’s bill for the service.
  • Absentee homeowners are responsible for all assessments and are required to inform their lessee/tenants of the trash guidelines, and all other Franconia Commons Homeowners Association Rules and Regulations.

Tennis Court Rules

  • The tennis courts are for the use of Franconia Commons residents ONLY. The entrance gate must be kept closed when no players are present on the courts.
  • Please observe all rules of proper tennis etiquette and attire while on the court
  • Residents may have guests with them. Non-players are not allowed in court area.
Singles - 1 hour
Doubles - 1.5 hours
  • Players may extend use of the court if no other players are waiting
  • Children under sixteen (16) must be supervised by an adult when on the tennis courts
  • Play allowed only during daylight hours
  • Beginning at 6:00 PM, courts are limited to adults  (21 years or older), or play including an adult
  • TENNIS SHOES ONLY! No one is allowed on the courts without tennis shoes
  • No glass containers allowed in court area. Place all refuse in trash containers
  • No pets allowed in court area
  • No climbing on the fence
  • The last players to leave must secure the gate.

Parking rules and enforcement

  • The Board of Directors shall cause the parking spaces to be painted with lines on the paved common grounds per specifications provided by the managing agent. The Board of Directors may, in accordance with applicable laws, revise the parking plan or otherwise act to create additional lined parking spaces on the paved common grounds.
  • Two parking space designated on the common grounds shall be classified and marked as being reserved with the house number and shall be assigned to any unit as decided by vote of the Board of Directors
  • The reserved spaces shall be a space assigned to a specific lot for use by the owner of the lot. It is a violation of this policy for any person other than the owner of the lot to make use of a reserved parking space without the consent of the owner of the lot to which the space is assigned. It is the responsibility of the lot owner to call for towing if an unauthorized vehicle is parked in his/hers reserved space(s). The owner takes full/sole responsibility for towing from their assigned lot spaces.
  • Non-assigned parking spaces shall be utilized for temporary use by contractors and/or guests between normal business hours only. Violations in the non-assigned parking spaces are subject for towing by one of the Board of Directors, at the expense of the vehicle owner. We request anyone who observes violations to contact a Board Member or the Management company for possible towing of such violator(s). The board of directors reserves the right for random patrol for parking violations, which violations are subject to be towed. When contract work persons come to your unit for repairs and/or maintenance, request that they use one of your reserved spaces.
  • The assignment of reserved parking spaces to lots by the Board of Directors in accordance with Section 2 shall be made without regard to the number of motor vehicles owned by, registered to, or in the possession of the occupants of a dwelling unit.
  • The use of a reserved parking space may be further assigned by the owners of a dwelling unit to a lessee of that dwelling unit.
  • The Board of Directors shall have the sole authority to assign parking spaces
  • No owner or resident of any dwelling unit shall be the holder or assignee of more than two (2) reserved parking space per unit as assigned by the board under this policy.
  • Upon the legal conveyance of a dwelling unit from one owner to another, the parking space assigned to a dwelling unit by the Board of Directory shall continue to be reserved for that dwelling unit.
  • Each unit will be issues two numbered spaces in Franconia Commons by the Board of Directors. Each unit space will be marked with that units’ house number. Each unit must park in their own Reserved Spaces
  • Visitors and overnight guests of owners and residents may park either in the assigned space of the unit they are visiting or on a state road. Flat Rock Road, Flat Rock Court, and Fleet Drive are all state owned Roadways.
  • All vehicles parked within the bounds of the community must display valid state license plates and must comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the state of registration, including country permits and current state inspection stickers
  • No vehicle shall be abandoned in any parking space. Abandoned and/or inoperative (junk) motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers are not permitted on residential property. Inoperative means any motor vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer which is not in operating condition, or which for a period of three (3) days or longer has been partially or totally disassembled by the removal of tires and wheels, the engine, or other essential parts required for operation of the vehicle, including wrecked vehicles.
  • Motor vehicles shall be parking only in lined parking spaces in accordance with provisions of the preceding paragraphs
  • This policy does not pertain to parking along that portion of a state road
  • All paved areas within each court not expressly marked for parking are posted and considered a fire lane. Any vehicle parked in a fire lane is subject to immediate towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • Parking of any vehicle in any location other than those specified in Section IV (C & D), including non-paved common grounds, non-paved private property, and fire lanes, is expressly forbidden.
  • All persons who park motor vehicles in the Franconia Commons community shall position their vehicle as close to the center of the space between the painted lines as possible. Overlapping the painted lines which separate parking spaces or parking at an angle to the curb is expressly forbidden. Head-in parking against all curb areas is recommended for protection of the Association’s grounds and vegetation from exhaust fumes.
  •  No recreational vehicle (i.e., boat, camper, trailer, motor home, etc.) may be parked in any location within the bounds of the community, including paved and unpaved common grounds, paved private driveways, and unpaved private property.
  • No commercial vehicle may be parked in any location within the bounds of the community, including paved and unpaved common grounds, and unpaved private property, except when in use for business purposes. A commercial vehicle is a vehicle of any type which bears any commercial advertising sign, writing or initials; or is used, or obviously intended for use, as a work vehicle, as evidenced by open carriage of pipes, lumber or other material or more than one ladder, tools or other equipment. A vehicle having commercial license plates is a commercial vehicle, but a vehicle need not have commercial license plates to be a commercial vehicle. No such vehicle shall remain parked within the bounds of the community overnight. Any commercial vehicle which has been contracted to enter the community to effect repairs or provide other services may park in any non-assigned space or in a Reserved space, with the permission of the owner during normal daytime business hours.
  • No unattended motor vehicle shall be suspended off the ground on blocks or supports of any kind, for either maintenance or storage, within the bounds of the community.
  • No items (such as firewood, construction materials, trash, debris, or any other objects) may be stored on the parking areas.
  • No person shall, through custom or alleged past practice, establish a right to a space not assigned by the Board of Directors.
  • Owners of units whose residents and/or guests violate this policy shall be held liable for any damages to the community caused directly or indirectly by the violation, such damages to include all legal and other costs of enforcement.
  • The use of parking areas as a commuter lot or staging area for carpools is expressly forbidden
  • Unnumbered space violations should be called into the Association’s management agent
  • The Fairfax county police department may be called by any resident to ticket and/or tow a vehicle that is parked in a fire lane or blocking a fire hydrant. They Board of Directors reserves the right to tow from fire lanes via a random patrol
  • An owner or lessee may engage the approved towing company to remove any unauthorized vehicle which is parked in their reserved spaces. The resident must show a picture identification with Franconia Commons address. Any other violations of this policy should be reported in writing to the Board of Directors or its designee.
  • Any owner or lessee who directly engages a tow company to enforce any provision of the Resolution shall bear full and complete responsibility for said action and shall agree to hold the Franconia Commons Homeowners Association, its officers, members of the Board of Directors and management company harmless from any and all liability, costs or fees incurred in defending against any enforcement actions undertaken which were not directly authorized by the Board of Directors or its designee.
  • All towing will be at the expense of the vehicle owner
  • It is the responsibility of individual owners to comply with this policy and encourage their neighbors to do likewise. Similarly, it is the responsibility of individual owners to report violations of the policy to either the designee of the Board of Directors or the Fairfax Count Police Department as appropriate. The attached Enforcement procedures provide guidelines for the enforcement of this policy.
  • The board of directors retains the right to designate to a committee, contractor or any individual the authority to administer or enforce any provision of this policy.
  • Upon the consent and request of the disputants, the Board of Directors will act to fairly adjudicate or arbitrate disputes which may arise among owners or residents related to the administration and enforcement of this policy.
  • The board of directors reserves the right to withdraw the assignment of a Reserved parking space(s) from any owner who through a pattern of violation of this policy, abuse of the rights of fellow owners and residents, is in violation of any and all architectural inspections or delinquency in the payment of homeowners association assessments, demonstrates that the right to a preferential assigned parking space(s) is not justified
  • Invalidation of any of these paragraphs or sections by judgment or court order shall not invalidate any provisions of this Parking Policy
  • Respect the plan – With respect to individually assigned spaces, enforcement shall be based upon the reliance of each resident to be a “good neighbor”. Residents are expected to respect the spaces assigned for use by other residents.
  • Notify your guests – All residents are responsible for notifying their guests of the parking restrictions at Franconia Commons
  • Towing – The Association reserves the right to tow vehicles from Reserved or open spaces for any violation of this policy and to do so at the expense of the vehicle owner.
  • A resident has the right to tow an unauthorized vehicle from their Reserved space. Residents are hereby advised, however, that they assume all responsibility associated with towing a vehicle inappropriately. The resident is fully responsible for:
  •                 Calling the tow company and making all arrangements with the tow company, including signing the impound slip
  • Notifying the local policy (Section 46.1-551 of the Virginia Code requires that the local police department be notified before a vehicle is removed from private property by towing)
  • Providing verification, if requested, of your authority to tow
  • Most importantly, assuming all liability in connection with removal of the vehicle
  • The only tow company which may be used Is the contractor this is provided by the Association. The telephone number for the contractor currently retained by the Association will be posted on signs within the community.
  • The violations for which an owner or resident may tow are restricted by paragraph V(C)(1) of the parking policy resolution. Other violations should be reported to the management company. When reporting any violation of the Parking Policy, be prepared to provide, at a minimum, your name, address, and phone number along with the make/model, license plate number and location of the vehicle and the nature of the infraction. Specific courses of action for some common violations are as follows:
    A vehicle is obstructing and/or parked in your Reserved parking space You may contact the management company or you may follow the steps outlined above for calling a towing company and having the vehicle removed. You assume all liability in connection with removal of the vehicle.
    A vehicle is parked in a fire lane Call the Fairfax County Policy or Fire Department or the designated towing company
    You notice a commercial vehicle routinely parked overnight in the community Call the management company with the name of the company the vehicle belongs to and other required information
    A vehicle does not have current state registration information displayed Contact the management company with details. Contact the Fairfax County Police Department
    You believe a vehicle in a reserved or assigned space is disabled Call the management company with details
    You notice a parking violation along any public thoroughfare Contact the Fairfax County Police Department

Common area, pets, noise, pests, enforcement, etc

  • In accordance with Fairfax County ordinances, dogs are not permitted to be without a leash when off the property of their owners. Excessive and continuous noise from a pet will not be allowed and should be constrained. Fairfax County animal control number is (703) 830-1100
  • No pet should be allowed to defecate upon the private property of another resident (including front yards), the streets, parking areas, or sidewalks of the community.
  • The common grounds of the community may be used for dog walks; however, playgrounds, mailbox and bus stop areas should be avoided.
  • No repair or maintenance of vehicles in the streets, parking areas, or other common areas resulting in extended work, dismantling, disturbance, or cluttering will be allowed. The owner of the car will be held responsible for any damage or spillage caused by repairs thereto.
  • The washing of vehicles in the parking areas will be permitted provided all residual trash is removed and all soapsuds are washed down street drains
  • A speed limit of 10 m.p.h should be observed within the parking areas and courtyards
  • As a safety consideration, playing in the streets is discouraged
  • No trash or refuse, including tree or shrubbery cuttings, will be dumped on the common areas.
  • No motor-driven vehicles will be driven upon the grassy portions of the common areas.
  • Generally, digging, plating, or other alteration of the common areas, campfires, and barbecues are prohibited. Exceptions will be permitted only by written authorization of the Board of Directors or appropriate committee.
  • Bicycles, tricycles, wagons, carts, and other playthings should be removed from walkways and other common areas during all hours of darkness or when not in use
  • No skateboarding or playing is allowed in the storm drainage ditch. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Residents should call Police if you see them. (703-691-2131)
  • Noise – Loud automobiles, motorcycles, or other vehicles will not be permitted on the streets and common areas of the community. Loud parties, music, or other noise should be avoided. The Fairfax County noise ordinance must be observed at all times. (Hour of 11:00 PM)
  • Vehicles – No unlicensed, inoperable, abandoned, or junked vehicles will be permitted on the streets, parking or common areas.
  • Trash Accumulation – Substances which generate obnoxious or offensive odors should be removed from the resident’s property or enclosed within a suitable container as soon as possible. Trash, refuse, garbage, or rubbish will not be allowed to accumulate or remain outside a proper container upon the homeowners property
  • Trash Pickup – Trash containers, except plastic bags, will not be put out for collection earlier than the evening before collection day. Trash in plastic bag will only be put out the morning of collection.
  • Pests – Homeowner’s property must be kept free of rats, roaches, mice, termites or other vermin.
  • Yard Sales – One or twice each year, as determined by resident interest, a group yard sale will be conducted in one of the common areas of Franconia Commons. This event is for all Franconia Commons resident participation. Other individual or group yard sales, moving sales or similar activities and the advertising or promotion of such activities are prohibited within Franconia Commons.
  • Violations of any of the above provisions should be reported to a member of the Board of Directors or managing agent. The Board will take the necessary and appropriate action to insure compliance with these provisions. Such action may include, but is not limited to:
    • Notification to the person in violation requesting compliance
    • Suspension of Association privileges until compliance
  • Pursuant to the covenants and By-Laws of the Association, entering upon the property of a homeowner to obtain compliance with these provisions at the expense of the homeowner.
  • Soliciting the assistance of the appropriate governmental agency to enforce whatever ordinances or laws may have also been violated.
  • Bringing suit in a court of law or equity to insure compliance by the homeowner of his contractual obligations